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Welcome to Sonoma Holistic

At Sonoma Holistic we get it. We understand that you demand more from the foods you purchase, and that is why we maximize the nutritional component of what we create.  We pack more of the ‘good stuff’ in so that you can take advantage of the natural healing power of food.

What Makes Our Matcha Great!

Go Green
We start with organic Japanese matcha offering up an amazing amount of that special antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate better known as EGCG. Although regular brewed green tea contains some EGCG, when green tea is ground up into a fine powder you’ve now taken the EGCG content to new heights! Matcha is the best known of ground green teas, but to increase the EGCG content we added ground organic sencha green tea, which, because it skips the shade grown portion of the growing cycle, provides . . . wait for it . . even more EGCG!

Spice is Nice
Next we infuse bursting flavor by incorporating organic spices chosen for their unique benefits, including multiple antioxidants and other phytocompounds. Did you know that in Ayurveda, very specific and generous amounts of spices are used as part of the healing practice? At Sonoma Holistic there are good reasons for each spice selected.

Let’s Get Grounded
Our high standards are off the charts. During product development, we nixed the consultants’ suggestion of using spice extracts instead of ground spices. It was a tempting idea because ground spices leave fiber particulate at the bottom of your cup, while extracts virtually eliminate this experience. So, we ordered the extracts and played around with those for a while. Yes, the cup was cleaner, but the yumminess was reduced. Turns out that by utilizing extracts, you are not getting all of the fat-soluble compounds found in plants, which offer much of the flavor profile. Extracts also don’t contain the important fiber that your friendly gut bacteria absolutely love. And – just as importantly – you would have also missed out on important health benefits of all the spices’ fat-soluble compounds. Sonoma Holistic will not compromise on health benefits, so we returned the ground spices to our product with a commitment to share this information with you. 

Increasing antioxidants, good fats, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, and fiber in what we consume can offer enormous potential. Even a little bit goes a long a way. Are you aware of the antioxidant potential in herbs and spices? They are powerhouses, and we choose which spices we use based on their antioxidant profile as well as taste benefits. We urge you to do a bit of research on antioxidant levels of spices and herbs and consider adding amounts to your own dishes.  Don’t hold back!

As passionate as we are about what we add into our products, we’re crazy serious about what we don’t want in there! This includes bad fats, high sugars, artificial ingredients, pesticides and GMOs: yuck. We feel like you virtually undo much of the ‘good’ when your food contains these substances. Sonoma Holistic utilizes all organic ingredients, and, once our company grows a bit more, we’ll apply for organic certification so we can claim this important status on the front of our packaging.