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Mixing Tips

Tips for Perfect Drinks

Are you struggling to create lump free matcha lattes? Most connoisseurs have success by merely whisking the Matcha Latte Drink Mix powder into the pan of warming milk, however for various reasons, such as non-vigorous whisking, lumps remain after mixing which can deter from the ultimate matcha latte experience. You deserve 100% lump free decadent beverages and you’ll be relieved to know – you can do it with ease!

While traditional matcha bamboo whisks seem to work best due to their coarse surface creating more friction, we also find that stainless steel mini-whisks (typically about 7”) work fine as well and are a bit easier to clean. If you want more froth though, the bamboo will better produce those results.

Besides merely whisking the powder into the pan of warming milk, another option to (virtually) guarantee no lumps is to 1) start milk warming in a pan 2) place Matcha Latte Drink Mix powder in a small bowl or cup such as a traditional tea cup

and whisk in only a small amount of water or milk - forming a paste, then add a little more of the liquid and whisk again, repeat if necessary to get a consistency that you can simply pour into your pan of milk.

Continue mixing somewhat while heating, then pour into your favorite cup or travel container and lavish the experience!Make sure if you are using our loose powder product (versus the single serving sticks) that the you are keeping it stored airtight. This keeps the quality and color superior but also deters moisture, which is more likely to result in lumping, at least at the beginning of the mixing procedure.

At Sonoma Holistic we also like to utilize a stainless pour saucepan for perfect clean transfer of drink to cup. We strongly advise against non-stick pans.

Milk foamers and frothers are fun and wonderful for matcha lattes and we love to see the creative and beautiful drinks that our community shares with us.

With Love